First off, a trip to a corn maze is unique experience, and one that you will not be able to do very often. So the key word is to make it an adventure. We at the Big Horse Corn Maze feel we provide as authentic of an experience as possible in the pursuit of conquering the over 11+ acre’s of corn maze.

When you plan on coming to the maze, first check the weather forecast for the local area. It can typically range from a lows in the mid 70’s to highs in the upper 80’s+ during the month of October in Temecula. So we have conveniently put a Weather widget on the front page for your reference.

Armed with a clear understanding of the weather conditions on the day of your appointed trip, the next step is to either recruit or drag a few friends or family members with you for this experience. Going through a maze is fun alone, but much more fun with others as you will have to “collectively” decide where you are going and what direction you will be traveling inside the maze. In short a corn maze is a social experience, one to be enjoyed and experienced for all it’s inherent challenges.

It may go without saying to bring comfortable shoes, a hat, and plenty of water (the preferred beverage of the Corn Cops). It typically can take one-two hours to do the whole maze at a gingerly pace. Remember, there’s a lot of back-tracking and getting lost. The corn stalks are generally over 7' tall, so you’re really inside a large living multi-path puzzle.

In the end it all comes down to having the right attitude, and the personal conveniences that make this journey as fun as possible. As precautions, we station what we refer to as “Corn Cops” within the Maze if you get really lost and need directions, or if you have other needs during your trip.



Just look for the Farm buildings & the 7' tall green corn stalks!

Big Horse Feed & Mercantile is located in the southern area of Temecula off of Temecula Parkway / Highway 79 South. The easiest way to find us is to take the Hwy 79s/Indio exit either North or South-bound off I-15, and turn East into Temecula on the Temecula Parkway/Hwy79s.

Proceed for approximately 4 miles, and we are on the right side at the corner of Butterfield Stage Rd. & Temecula Parkway/79s.

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Please feel free to either call or email us for any questions that will help make your visit an enjoyable & memorable experience!


33320 Temecula Parkway

Temecula, California 92592

951.389.4621 ~ Call our special MAZE - Line for all your questions and inquiries, but please be forewarned, our farm chores take precedent - so please leave a detailed message if we don't answer!