Frequently Asked Questions - Big Horse Corn Maze

FAQs - Big Horse Corn Maze

We are open every Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am - 4:00pm, and Tuesday - Friday from 1:00pm - 5:00pm, we are closed on Mondays (including maze) with the exception of the last Monday prior to Halloween.

During the week, go into the Big Horse Feed store and buy your tickets. On Weekends, we have you covered with the the Festival area ticket sales counter.

Ticket sales for all activities close at 4:00pm, this is intended to give you enough time to enjoy the activity before we close. The last entrance into the Maze is also at 4:00pm. All other activities close at 4:30pm

We would appreciate you contacting us before to you arrive so that we don't schedule too many groups at the same time. Even though the Maze is over 11 acre's, we can still have "traffic jam's" inside the pathways. Groups of over 30 are strongly encouraged to pre-register so that they're in the Maze asap w/o waiting.

In general it takes anywhere from 45 minutes if you power walk and know your way, to around 1.5 hours if you really want to enjoy the journey.

Figure the outside temperature plus 5 degrees. The tall stalks tend to buffer the winds, so the air typically is still, likewise a little drizzle just adds to the cooling effects for our guests on their journey; but let it be know a trenchel downpour is a buzz kill - so dress appropriately.

We have inside the Maze stationed Corn Cops, they are there to assist you, and in some cases guide you if your decision making abilities are overloaded

Definitely some water, maybe a hat, good walking shoes, sunscreen, and layered clothing. This activity is similar to a 2-3 mile walk on a dirt pathway

Yes at the entry registers for those cases when you or your companions forget theirs

Yes, as long as you keep fluffy on a leash and remember not all little children like dogs, so please be respectful of other's space.



Just look for the Farm buildings & the 7' tall green corn stalks!

Big Horse Feed & Mercantile is located in the southern area of Temecula off of Temecula Parkway / Highway 79 South. The easiest way to find us is to take the Hwy 79s/Indio exit either North or South-bound off I-15, and turn East into Temecula on the Temecula Parkway/Hwy79s.

Proceed for approximately 4 miles, and we are on the right side at the corner of Butterfield Stage Rd. & Temecula Parkway/79s.

Contact Us

Please feel free to either call or email us for any questions that will help make your visit an enjoyable & memorable experience!


33320 Temecula Parkway

Temecula, California 92592

951.389.4621 ~ Call our special MAZE - Line for all your questions and inquiries, but please be forewarned, our farm chores take precedent - so please leave a detailed message if we don't answer!